Grandstream GXW4104 FXO Gateway

AED 681.45 Ex Tax: AED 649.00

Grandstream GXW4104 FXO GatewayThe Grandstream GXW4104 analog FXO Gateway allows small bus..

Grandstream GXW4108 FXO Gateway

AED 1,048.95 Ex Tax: AED 999.00

Grandstream GXW4108 Dubai VoIP GatewayThe Grandstream GXW4108 FXO Gateway is an analog gat..

Grandstream GXW4216 VoIP Gateway

AED 1,659.00 Ex Tax: AED 1,580.00

Model: Grandstream GXW4216Part No: GXW4216The Grandstream GXW4216 is a 16 FXS port VoIP gateway that..

Grandstream GXW4232 VoIP Gateway

AED 3,255.00 Ex Tax: AED 3,100.00

Model: Grandstream GXW4232Part No: GXW4232The Grandstream GXW4232 is a 32 FXS port VoIP ga..

Grandstream GXW4248 VoIP Gateway

AED 4,893.00 Ex Tax: AED 4,660.00

Model: Grandstream GXW4248Part No: GXW4248he Grandstream GXW4248 is a 48 FXS port VoIP gateway that ..

Grandstream GXW4500 VoIP Gateway

AED 4,089.75 Ex Tax: AED 3,895.00

DescriptionThe GXW4500 series are E1/T1 Digital VoIP Gateways that allow digital PSTN and ISDN trunk..

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