Grandstream GWN7000 VPN Router

AED 429.45 Ex Tax: AED 409.00

DescriptionThe GWN7000 is a powerful enterprise-grade multi-WAN Gigabit VPN router. Ideal for the en..

Grandstream GWN7600 Access Point

AED 333.90 Ex Tax: AED 318.00

DescriptionThe GWN7600 is a mid-tier 802.11ac Wave-2 WiFi access point for small to medium sized bus..

Grandstream GWN7600LR Accesspoint outdoor

AED 576.45 Ex Tax: AED 549.00

DescriptionThe GWN7600LR is a powerful outdoor, long-range WiFi Access Point featuring weatherproof ..

Grandstream GWN7610 Access Point

AED 397.95 Ex Tax: AED 379.00

DescriptionThe GWN7610 is a high-performance 802.11ac wireless access point for small to medium size..

Grandstream GWN7630 Access Point

AED 481.95 Ex Tax: AED 459.00

DescriptionThe GWN7630 is a high-performance 802.11ac Wave-2 Wi-Fi access point for small to medium ..

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