EZVIZ 2 C3A Cameras With Base Station

AED 1,459.50 Ex Tax: AED 1,390.00

HighlightsLong-lasting 5,500 mAh rechargeable battery and 100% wire-free design, the standalone C3A ..

EZVIZ C6TC CS-CV248-B0-32WFR 1080P

AED 304.50 Ex Tax: AED 290.00

SpecificationsModel ParametersModelCS-CV248-A0-32WFRCameraImage Sensor2 Megapixel 1/3” Progressive S..


AED 141.75 Ex Tax: AED 135.00

SpecificationsModel ParametersNameC1C 1080pModelCS-C1C-D0-1D2WFRCameraImage Sensor1/2.9" Progressive..


AED 588.00 Ex Tax: AED 560.00

SpecificationsModel ParametersModelCS-C3A-A0-1C2WPMFBRSystem ParametersProcessorHigh-Performance Emb..

EZVIZ CS-CMT-Solar Panel

AED 157.50 Ex Tax: AED 150.00

Solar panel for EZVIZ C3A cameraProduct descriptionPerformance: 5V - 400mA - 2W Comes with a power c..


AED 189.00 Ex Tax: AED 180.00

SpecificationsModel ParametersNameC6CNModelCS-CV246-A0-1C2WFRCameraImage Sensor1/2.9" Progressive Sc..

EZVIZ CS-CV310-A0-1B2WFR 2.8mm Lens 1080p

AED 330.75 Ex Tax: AED 315.00

SpecificationsModel ParametersModelCS-CV310-A0-1B2WFRCameraImage Sensor1/2.7” Progressive Scan CMOS..

EZVIZ CS-CV346-A0-7A3WFR Mini Pano Panoramic 1080P

AED 567.00 Ex Tax: AED 540.00

SpecificationsModel ParametersModelCS-CV346-A0-7A3WFRCameraImage Sensor3 Megapixel 1/2.8” Progressiv..

EZVIZ EZ3364A1SM DP1 HD Video Smart Home Door Viewer

AED 819.00 Ex Tax: AED 780.00

SpecificationsModel ParametersModelCS-DP1-A0-4A1WPFBSRSystemProcessorHigh-Performance Embedded SOC P..

EZVIZ LC1 Full HD 1080p Wi-Fi Outdoor Floodlight Camera

AED 766.50 Ex Tax: AED 730.00

SpecificationsModel ParametersModelCS-LC1-A0-1B2WPFRLSystem ParametersProcessorHigh-Performance Embe..

EZVIZ Wireless CCTV Bundle 4 channel With HDD

AED 1,785.00 Ex Tax: AED 1,700.00

A comprehensive security kit with a wireless NVR and Wi-Fi cameras. Monitor and control your securit..

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